first_impressionPeople will generally refuse to admit the fact that first date is typically filled with anxiety and stress.  That is due to their desire to create a positive fist impression.  The same thing can be said with singles over 40.  First impressions last and it is imperative for you to leave a great imprint during the first date.  Dating after 40 is more complicated as they are now looking for a steady partner, so the pressure and the stake is higher.  Here are some of the tips in order to create an ideal first impression with your over 40 dating.

3 Essential Tips to Create a Positive First Impression When You are Over 40 Dating

It’s a Date and Not an Interview

You should not entirely focus on your action.  Those who tend to exert too much effort to behave politely are more likely to commit mistakes.  You also have the affinity to leave a boring impression to your date.  When you are dating after 40, you should be aware that you are not in a job interview, and you have to generally relax.  Singles over 40 women want someone that can release the tension between the two of them and someone who acts funny.

So for those men, who are over 40 dating, remember to excite and nurture the interest of your date when having a conversation with her.  Talk to her like one of your friends and not as a prospected employee.  After having that first hello, it is crucial to talk about the usual topic first such as movies, hobbies, and careers.  Refrain from talking sensitive matters such as religions and politics when dating after 40.

Asking the Right Questions

The right question can make you look a well-respected man especially if you are dating after 40.  During the first time that you are meeting your date, she already has a perception about you, and you do not want to destroy that.  One great tip is to avoid asking the typical questions that the teens are asking during the first date since it can kill the attraction.  Singles over 40 should ask a question insinuating that they are generally aware, interesting and inquisitive.

The Body Language

Over 40 dating for men and women should pay a keen attention to the body language of their respective dates.  The body language will tell you something even before the woman open his lips and started talking. Maintain an eye contact and assume a proper posture when sitting.  Use a soft and mild voice when speaking.  Do not mumble and hurry while speaking as you have a higher possibility to stutter.

These dating tips for singles over 40 are a great way to start your dating after 40.  It will ensure that your date will have a positive impression towards you during your first date.

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