profileOver 40 dating is definitely a bit more challenging than dating when you are younger. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible for you to find the love of your life. In fact, online dating websites are responsible for a considerable amount of the weddings in the USA, so that’s definitely a thing to consider. However, one of the most challenging parts is to differentiate what’s true and what’s not about the man you are currently looking at. Here are 7 things that his profile is unlikely to tell you because he’s hiding them.

  1. His Actual Intention

Single men over 40 years of age have different intentions. Even though he might have posted that he wants to find the love of his life, this is not a guarantee that he’s not just searching for another one night stand.

  1. His Actual Height

Short men don’t like the fact that they are short. Regardless of what they tell you – this is absolutely true. With this in mind, the height is definitely something that you shouldn’t take for granted unless you’ve seen him with your eyes.

  1. His Weight

There is a golden middle ground here, and men know it. Single men over 40 are usually going to be embarrassed about being slightly over or under weight, and that’s something that they are likely to hide from you.

  1. His Relationship Status

The truth is that everyone’s definition of being single is different. We know that over 40 dating is quite different, but that doesn’t change the fact that he might be in an open relationship and perceiving this as being single.

  1. His Age

Let’s face it – there is a difference between being 41 and 49. The age is the first thing that you see when you open someone’s profile, and that’s why it’s something that’s usually, well, untrue.

  1. His Wiseness

Being the adventurous traveler that every woman desires seems like something commonly seen on dating websites these days. Sadly, it’s almost always never true. Keep in mind that photos of different places doesn’t mean that the person is actually traveling – he could be taking them from within the same city.

  1. His Career

The Internet is a place where everyone can be successful as long as he types it down. Men are particularly obsessed with proper careers and failing to have one might bring them down. That’s why they are usually going to exaggerate a thing or two.

In any case, keep an open mind and don’t trust everything that’s written on someone’s profile – it’s not necessary for all of it to be true.

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