Tips for Christian Singles Over 50

tipsSometimes, if you’re over 50 and find yourself back in the dating game, or maybe you never left, it can be tempting to feel like you’re alone. Nothing can be further from the truth, however. According to The U.S. Census Bureau, more than one-quarter of people between the ages of 45 and 59 are single. That means there are millions upon millions of fish in the sea. So how do you tell the difference between a catch, a good fishing story, and the ones you should just throwback?

1. Be a Catch

While you’re out there fishing for the right one, remember that others are looking for you as well. It’s important to put yourself out there, and let them get to know the real you. If you’re using a dating site or app, be sure to use an up-to-date photo of yourself. Answer questions honestly. Don’t try to hide your real age, or your life experiences. It’s not always going to be a love-connection, but when someone does fall for you, you want to be sure that they’re getting exactly what they bargained for.

2. Don’t Take it Too Personal

You’ve probably noticed that the world has changed a lot since Reagan was president. With modern advances in technology, communication is easier than ever. That’s a good thing, but it can also be scary. The risk of dating in this digital age is that it is easier than ever to reject someone. If you meet someone on an app or a dating site, they always have the option of simply shutting you off. It will make things easier for you if you decide that not every conversation is going to end in marriage. Enjoy the flirting and fun while it lasts, and it won’t be long before you get exactly what you’re hoping for.

3. Be Safe

When you find someone you really like, it can be easy to get excited and maybe even act a little recklessly. Always remember that your personal safety and security are paramount. Never share personal information such as social security numbers, passwords, account information, or anything else that can be used fraudulently. It’s important to have fun and meet new people, but you must do so responsibly.

4. Have Fun

There are a lot of stress factors that come with the dating scene, and that can be especially true when you’ve been off the market for many years. Whether you’re looking for marriage and eternal bliss, or just planning to test the waters, remember to take time to just enjoy life. Don’t let nervousness or anxiety ruin an otherwise enjoyable date. Keep the conversation light and avoid serious topics for at least the first few dates. You can always get into important stuff like health and finances later, so just relax and enjoy yourself while you’re getting to know someone.

Dating can be a rich and rewarding experience, but it can also be a little scary and intimidating. If you go into the dating scene with reasonable expectations, and the right attitude, you will find the right person for you, and you’ll have fun doing it.

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