How to Date in San Diego Over 40

how-toSo, you’re single, over 40, and in San Diego. All of that may seem like something that adds up to an impossible task when it comes to dating. The truth is, you can still find love. Sure, it’s a different dating world than when you were in your 20’s. That’s just the way life is, and there’s no way around it. Just because things are different doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find your match. You need to keep an open mind and understand that some things change over time.

Search for people who are stable in their life

A person in their 40’s should be at a stable point of their life. You don’t want to hook up with someone who still has some wild oats to sow. If they haven’t sowed them yet, then they’re never going to. It’s best to avoid those people unless you’re one of them. If you’re the type who loves to get wild, then try to find someone who likes the same things. If you’re not, then search high and low for someone who has a stable background. Anyone who acts like a teenager at this age has some problems that you’re not going to want to encounter.

Plan your dates around activities

You may want to take your date to a seasonal activity like a festival or a theater production that’s in town. Now is the time of your life when you have a little extra cash to enjoy. Have some fun and splurge a little. If you’re a serial dater, then you’ll obviously have to cut back. But, if you’re the type who goes out on a date or two a month, then peel back some of your moldy money. Have yourself a good time and see where it takes you. If nothing else, you had a great time.

Don’t shy away from talking about your children

Both of you probably have children at this stage in your life. They are an essential aspect of who you are. Don’t pretend like they don’t exist. If your date has children and they speak nothing about them, then run away. You don’t want to settle down with anyone who doesn’t take their kids lives seriously. Don’t mistake this as saying they should take you home to meet their kids on the first date. That’s a little overboard, and it would seem quite strange. But, if you’re a parent, then your children are the most important thing in your life. If you pretend otherwise, you’re going to send the wrong signals.

Enjoy this wonderful period of your life

You may not think it is, but it’s a great time to be alive. Your 40’s are by far the most enjoyable period in a person’s life. You know who you are and what you want out of life. That means it’s easier to find someone you’re compatible with. Your life now has direction, and you know where it’s going. That can’t be said if you’re in your 20’s. Go out there and find yourself someone to fall in love with. Never think it’s too late to feel those butterflies once again. The birds are just waiting for you to recognize how beautiful they sing when you’re in love.

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