Cruises for Singles Over 50

cruisesCruises are not just for couples or families. Even if you are over 50, you can enjoy the adventure that a cruise can offer. Visit exotic destinations, enjoy what the ship has to offer, and meet new people. There are cruises for singles over 50 that offer a wonderful time even if you are traveling alone. What follows is a list of the best cruises for those who are 50 and older who are looking for a good time with people their own age.


Designed for the discriminating traveler who has been on cruise ships before, Azamara offers many features that range from a full-service spa to upscale cabins, and much, much more. The overall capacity is around 700 passengers which makes this a more intimate experience for those who want a quieter, but still entertaining adventure. From wine tasting to demonstration in the culinary arts and visits to exotic locations, Azamara may be the adventure you want if you are over 50.


If you are looking for love or companionship, then this is the cruise line for you. Celebrity has built up quite a reputation thanks to its emphasis on having passengers meet each other in unique ways. From mixology classes to food programs and more, Celebrity has managed to create an atmosphere that is relaxed, but intimate which makes them a great choice for those looking to meet new people. There are also offshore destinations that help make Celebrity a grand adventure as well.

Holland America

For those who enjoy high-end luxury, then Holland America is for you. Offering plenty of activities for those over 50, Holland America emphasizes luxury from its famous ballroom dancing classes to culinary workshops and so much more. For single women, there are hosts available for those who enjoy companionship for dinner and dancing. The emphasis here is on meeting new people and in that regard Holland America does not disappoint.

Virgin Voyages

This cruise is for adults only who are looking for a non-traditional adventure. As run by Richard Branson, Virgin Voyages is a new service that promises entertainment designed for adults while still having plenty of traditional services that you expect from a top of the line cruise ship. You can learn how to cook and prepare meals thanks to the onboard cooking school. But you can also enjoy the nightclub entertainment and unique shops that make this cruise different than the usual.

There are cruises for singles over 50 that you can enjoy all for a reasonable price. You should check out what each one has to offer before making your selection. Each one offers its own unique take on standard cruises that are exciting, adventurous, and will create many wonderful memories. What makes them a great choice for those over 50 is that these cruises tend to have fewer people and no families compared to the standard cruises.

You may find true love, or you may just have a good time. Either way, there are great cruises that you can enjoy with people your own age.


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