First_DatesWhen you are over 40 dating, the first date should be real and relaxed so you can get to know someone new. Being single over 40, a first date can be filling with stress and anxiety, and many questions. The reason that so many questions are asked on the first date is to find out information about the person, to be able see if they want to go on another date.

When you want to ask questions during the first date, you should try to add them to the conversation. Here are some of the best questions to ask on a first date when you are over 40 dating.

1. How was your family life, and where did you grow up?

This is one of the most reliable tells of an emotional health is having a satisfying, and stable childhood. This does not mean that you should always avoid people who had a hard childhood. At the same time, knowing someone’s family history, and if they have unhealthy patterns or unhealed emotional wounds, is important.

2. What is your largest passion?

This question gets to the very core of a person. Many younger people would answer ‘I don’t know’, not having an answer could show that they are not passionate about anything.
However being over 40 dating, they should be able to answer that question. Take time to ask follow-up questions about why they are passionate about their answers.

3. What Do You Look For In A Relationship?

This can seem like you are being too forward or interviewing them for a job, but this tells you what they are looking for. You should be looking for the same thing in a relationship. Having two different goals for a relationship is not going to end up working, as it is really hard to change people minds about what they want. This applies for you also, as you are not going change what you are looking for.

4. What Is Your Dream

If you were to ask someone about their goals, you would most likely get an answer that is narrow, focused, and for the short-term. On the other hand, dreams are based on a grand scope. You probably have dreams about the future. When you are looking for a relationship, your partner should have dreams that mesh with yours. Listen very closely to see if both of your dreams are complementary and compatible.

Asking questions should be a part of over 40 dating, as it can tell you a lot about your date. While you do not want to scare them off with questions, you still need to find out if they will be a good fit for you.

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