over-40-datingWhen it comes to online dating, it is the seniors that more likely to find themselves in midst of a dating scam. Scam artists are everywhere nowadays. And while everyone is at risk, seniors can be a major target especially on a number of online dating sites for seniors above 40.
Usually scammers take seniors for granted and take advantage of their loneliness and eagerness to be with someone. It is because of this very reason that they are more likely to send money immediately when someone that they meet asks them to.
With fifty-eight percent of women over 65 being unmarried, and 11.3 million seniors living alone as per the Census, with so many single seniors it’s no wonder that a number of senior dating sites have come up in the past few years.
While some sites are perfectly legitimate, there are 5 distinct similarities in the game of every scammer, and being aware of them can help you determine if the site you are visiting and using is genuine or if you are in the hands of a scammer.

  • DEMAND FOR MONEY OR FINANCIAL AID- one of the first signs that could tell you if you are running into a scam is if anyone asks you for money. Considering you have never met this person in person then they are not yet trustworthy. Even if they are asking you an amount of money to come see you such as for a flight ticket or for a visa it is still most likely a scam. If someone wants to come see you, then they will find other ways to see you rather than directly asking you for money.
  • THEY MAKE THE FIRST MOVE- It is the scammer who is the one to usually initiate a conversation to establish contact. It is not likely that you will be searching for someone on your dating service who also happens to be a scam artist. If you happen to receive a message from someone overseas and it seems the tiniest bit odd to you, either double check before you respond or don’t respond at all.
  • SHOWS TOO MUCH INTEREST-If someone is too interested rather too quickly, in getting to know you beyond the safety of your computer, this could indicate an upcoming problem. If you have just met someone online and they are trying to encourage a meet-up before you really know them, it should be enough to set off the scam alarm.
  • HAS AN ISSUE WITH LETTING FAMILY KNOW- Letting your newly found date know that your family and friends know about this new friend in your life should be a great move to know if you are with someone genuine or with a scam artist .If your date has an issue with this move and gets angry or cancels your plans at the last minute then this is a big enough indicator that they may not be legitimate. If they don’t respect your need to be cautious and then just move on.
  • WANTS TOO MUCH PERSONAL INFRORMATION- Make sure you guard yourself completely if anyone asks you for personal information like bank account details or details of the worth of your stock portfolio or the value of your home. Scam artists are exceptionally good at seeming like really nice people who just happen to need a few hundred dollars for some emergency, make sure you don’t send anyone any money, no matter how genuine they may seem.

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