IntroductionIf you’re 40 plus dating, you know that there’s a lot more involved in your love life than just you and your new partner. Singles over 40 face a unique challenge in introducing a new love to their ex-husband or wife. This is because those of us in the over 40 dating arena not only have an ex to think about but probably have children too. So you’re not only introducing your new love to your old love but likely to a whole family.

Should You Introduce Your New Love to Your Ex?

Singles over 40 is needed to think long-term when deciding if they’re going to introduce their new partner to their ex-husband or wife. Many people who are over 40 dating may think that every person they meet has to be a long-term relationship. 40 plus dating is like under 40 dating in that you should allow yourself the chance to get to know your new partner and decide if this is the person for you.

If you can see yourself with this person long term, and you’ve already been together more than 6 months, you should consider introducing your new love to your ex.

When to Introduce Your New Love to Your Ex

The timeframe for introducing a new partner to your ex can be tricky, especially if there are children involved. When children are involved, singles over 40 should wait a long time to introduce someone new into the family. Introducing a new partner too soon can be psychologically damaging for your children.

If you don’t have any children, and you’re over 40 dating a new person, think about your contact with your ex. Is this a person that you’re on good terms with? Are you friends with your ex? Do you see your ex or have any financial or other obligations to your ex? If so, then you should introduce your new love to your ex when you know that your new love is going to be a stable, long-term feature in your life.

How to Introduce Your New Love to Your Ex

Introducing a new love to an ex can be an uncomfortable situation whether you’re 40 plus dating or not! You don’t want to make anyone, including yourself, feel awkward, so it’s best to choose neutral ground for the introduction. You can suggest getting a coffee, but not drinks! Avoid reminiscing about the old days with your ex, as this can make your new love uncomfortable. And don’t make your ex jealous by talking about all the new and exciting things you and your partner have been doing. Be inclusive, light, and neutral.

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